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Pharmaceutical industry

Tegamaq offers a wide variety of solutions in the final process of production for the pharmaceutical industry.

The solutions we offer for labeling and marking in the pharmaceutical Industry, covers all manufacturing processes: labeling, marking and camara control of ampoules, vials, boxes, cans and tubes.

Tegamaq gives specific solutions tailored to your needs, with regard to size and shape of products adapted to the production speed. From semi-automatic machines to the most complex labeling, printing and control of labels. Implementing if necessary to your work lines.

Due to the requirement of the industry, we have built in our production lines the most innovative camera control systems, 100% inspection by vision cameras. Controlling the placement of the label, the amount of filling, imperfections in the road, placing caps, etc., of course without stopping production through a system of expulsion. The most comprehensive and tailored inspection machines in the market.

If you need a different solution from the ones supply here, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our group of engineers and designers will surely surprise you with the quality and price of our customized solutions. Contact our mail comercial@tegamaq.es or full fill the information form.

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