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Transport and special equipment

Apart from the labeling machine itself , we have solutions and accessories to make the process even easier and fluid , therefore fulfilling our purpose, giving a global solution.

Feeding Lungs or automatic feeders , adapted to each type of product to automate even more the process.

Label rewinders , cutters etc ... as well as any modifications needed on your own lines to solve the problem or need.

Conveyors, unions machines, underwriters for all types of unit product, boxes or bags.

In conclusion, we do not only label it, but we offer a global solution to all involved in labeling and traceability to the products in your manufacturing processes.

If you need a different solution from the ones supply here, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our group of engineers and designers will surely surprise you with the quality and the price of our customized solutions. Contact our mail comercial@tegamaq.es or fulfill the information form.

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- Transport and special equipment products demo




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