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Box labeling

If you here you need to label boxes. We offer you the possibility to label from 1 to 5 faces anywhere demanded on the box. Choosing precisely the position of the label on the product.

Our PRINT & APPLY solutions, are high speed industrial labelers through servo, that adapt to any line of production. They are also indicated for high performance applications with non uniform surfaces (packs, bags, and boxes). Reaching speeds up to 180 labels/minute speeds, with non-stop production lines.

We are specialists on integrating our automatic labeling equipment of boxes and pales, with the computer and management systems ERP of our clients, to perform a high quality labeling, without mistakes, and accomplishing all of the active traceability regulations.

The modularity of our equipments are compatible with all of the printing engines in the market (Sato, Zebra, Datamax, Intermec…), the sturdiness, standardization, quality and technology of its components, provides full reliability, and at the same time a very low maintenance.

If you need a different solution from the ones supply here, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our group of engineers and designers will surely surprise you with the quality and price of our customized solutions. Contact our mail comercial@tegamaq.es or fulfill the information form.

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