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Trays labeling

If you are here, the product you need to label is a tray. We offer the possibility to label up and down, with 1/2 security seal or complete seal, choosing precisely the position of the label on the product.

We completely adapt to your production needs, having the flexibility to give solutions for high speed lines as well as for semi automatic solutions.

Designing every piece and every solutions that we offer, we are able to completely adapt to your product and label size and shape, giving therefore real solutions which is worthwhile to invest. With a quality in material and robust construction, for which our clients are always grateful and which always characterize our machinery.

Tegamaq - Etiquetado de bandejas

We offer complete solutions, covering also the thermal or HP inkjet printing as needed. Of course, with the security that our vision solutions offers.

If you need a different solution from the ones supply here, please do not hesitate to contact us, and our group of engineers and designers will surely surprise you with the quality and price of our customized solutions. Contact our mail comercial@tegamaq.es or fulfill the information form.

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